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Canada Goose Inc. (NYSE:GOOS) debuts on the New York Stock Exchange today and many investors are left wondering if an investment in this premium jacket retailer will stay hot. The jackets themselves retail between $600 and $1,275. These jackets, especially the most popular woman’s jacket, „The Kensington“ which sells for roughly $745 has really become a pop culture icon especially after Kate Upton appeared on the cover of the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition wearing a parka with a bikini bottom. Other A-list celebrities can be found touting the brand as well and this company is a story of how important product placement is to establishing and growing a brand image.

Part of the reason this is such an attractive IPO, is the growth potential. In the last three years, revenue has grown at a 38% CAGR, and adjusted EBITDA has grown at an 85% CAGR.The jacket itself is of high quality which was originally meant for polar expeditions but has transformed itself into a cool (no pun intended) and iconic brand.Über den genauen Zug des Tiefs, das potenziell bis zu 75 Millionen Menschen betrifft, waren sich die Modelle der Meteorologen am Donnerstag nicht ganz einig. Letzte Berechnungen sagten für Washington und Maryland zwischen 40 und 60 Zentimeter Schnee voraus. In New York City sollen zwischen zehn und 25 Zentimeter fallen. Auch Eisregen und gefrierender Regen werden vorausgesagt.