There’s more fishing on the sound side. You can wade in the shallows or stake a place on the catwalks on the south side of Bonner Bridge. „Water is always screaming through Oregon Inlet,“ says Bonnie Strawser, visitor services manager for Pea Island.Canada Goose zeichen „It brings in a lot of fish.“She likes to go out at night to gig flounder and hunt trout in the knee-deep water.Known as one of the best fishing spots in the South, this refuge has so many fish—144 species—that you can almost toss a hook in the water and pull something out. While Kentucky Lake is best known for crappie, you can also hook lunker largemouth bass and catfish.“When the refuge reopens on March 16, our boat ramps fill up and it’s hard to get a parking spot,“ says refuge manager Barron Crawford.

Local guide and national crappie champion Steve McCadams says the best time to come fishing is whenever you can, but notes April is the best month to catch crappie.Upland forests and rolling highlands form one side of Kentucky Lake. Canada Goose zeichen The western flank includes 3,000 acres of fields farmed for migratory waterfowl (although waterfowl hunting is not permitted).In the fall, the refuge has two firearms hunts for deer and geese.Shaped like an hourglass, this 90-mile-long wilderness sits in the Mississippi Delta region where the White River meets the Mississippi.

A bottomland forest spreads across the property, pitted with more than 350 lakes. Canada Goose zeichen Trees with swollen bottoms fill low-lying areas. Here, floods ebb and flow, turning the enormous refuge into seasonal wetlands that make for ideal fishing.During floods, the river restocks the lakes, and those fish spawn and create new hatches in spring.With 40 boat ramps, the refuge makes it easy to get your boat on the water to locate crappie and bass. „As soon as river levels drop, folks come in and pull out big fish,“ says superintendent Ron Hollis.In late fall and early winter, waterfowl drop in to rest on their migratory routes. The surrounding rice fields make this region one of the top spots for duck hunting. „We are a wooded refuge in a sea of agriculture,“ Hollis says.