Canada as a nation is welcoming to immigrants and makes much of the initial process available online. In general, would-be immigrants must have either a post-secondary education, a job offer in Canada, close relatives in the northern nation, a business to bring north or „a high net worth or significant financial resources,“ according to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Speaking French also helps.It’s still too early to know who was responsible for the shootings that rocked the heart of Canada’s government Wednesday, but if it’s deemed a terrorist act, that would be a rare instance for the nation.Chaos in Canada: Gunfire erupts at Parliament Some of the most deadly terrorist acts in Canadian history were carried out by the Quebec Liberation Front, a separatist, paramilitary group that bombed the Montreal Stock Exchange and dozens of others locations in the 1960s.Canada Goose köln Only recently has Canada, a long-time partner of the U.S. in military campaigns throughout the Middle East, become the focus of radical Islamist groups.Here’s a look at some of the terror-related acts that were carried out or foiled on Canadian soil:

A man who had been investigated for jihadist ties uses his car to run over two members of the Canadian military, killing one and injuring the other, in a Quebec parking lot. Canadian law enforcement had been monitoring Martin Couture-Rouleau over fears he’s become radicalized by Islamist groups.Canada Goose köln He was shot and killed by police after a high-speed chase.Canadian intelligence services arrest two men allegedly trained by al-Qaeda operatives in Iran and charge them with plotting to derail a New York City-bound passenger train in the greater Toronto area.Authorities arrest 18 people who were allegedly inspired by al-Qaeda for plotting a widespread terror act in the nation’s capital. The plot, planned by the so-called „Toronto 18,“ involved storming the Parliament building, taking over a national TV broadcasting station, seizing dozens of hostages and beheading the prime minister.

A bomb explodes in Montreal’s Central Station, a commuter train station, during a Labor Day rush,Canada Goose köln killing three French tourists and injuring dozens more. Thomas Brigham, an American war veteran, is later convicted of the bombing after authorities said he was angered over an upcoming visit by Pope John Paul II.Air India Flight 182 departs Montreal’s Mirabel International Airport bound for Delhi and explodes midair, killing 329 people, including 268 Canadians. Law enforcement officials claimed the attacks were carried out by Sikh extremists living in western Canada as revenge on India, but only one person ever serves jail time for his involvement.