More than 1,000 Canadian tech companies — including LyricFind, whose co-founder is of Moroccan descent — sent an open letter to Trump opposing his travel ban.Executives from Shopify, an e-commerce company based in Ottawa, this week signed an open letter to the Canadian government to offer immediate entry visas.“Canada is a country where the best talent from around the world can move here and do their life’s work,” Shopify Chief Operating Officer Harley Finkelstein said.Canada Goose kadewe “My dad was an immigrant when Canada let in 40,000 Hungarians into the country during the Hungarian revolution in 1955. Our family is here because of Canada’s inclusive policies and warmth.”The prospects are dazzling for the $1.3 trillion Canadian economy: A chance to recruit more tech talent from abroad as well as recruit disaffected American and Canadian workers. (More than 300,000 Canadian natives work in tech in California alone.)

Canadian companies and government leaders are banking that the close proximity of Canada, competitive wages and universal health care are powerful persuasion. Canada’s telecom regulator in December ruled that all of the country’s 35 million residents must have high-speed Internet access.Canada Goose kadewe In the U.S., 39% of the rural population lacks broadband access, according to the Federal Communications Commission.“You will see more Canadians stay in Canada and more Americans and other nationalities move to Canada,” predicts Parsable CEO Yanda Erlich, a former Google and Microsoft employee. “This has been a conversation in the office. We could move employees who are foreign born from U.S. offices to Vancouver. It gives us flexibility and them some comfort.”

And yet, Canada has been here before — trying to woo American tech companies, with minimal success. A lack of big-name companies and resources, not to mention pricey cities such as Vancouver, have been nagging deterrents. U.S. federal income tax brackets range from 10% to 35% for individuals.Canada Goose kadewe In Canada, it’s 15% to 29%.“Housing should be significantly cheaper in most of the country, with the noticeable exception being Vancouver, which will make your eyes water even if you own a house in the Bay Area,“ says Jevon McDonald, CEO of, a cloud services company with operations in the U.S. and Canada. McDonald formerly was CEO of GoInstant, an online-business software firm in Nova Scotia that was sold to for more than $70 million in 2012.