The partnership will also feature monthly content in Jamie Magazine and on, beginning with a series of Italian inspired recipes from Giuseppe Gallo, MARTINI Global Brand Ambassador. Additionally, Bacardi spirits will feature on the new cocktail menus in Jamie’s Italian restaurants in the UK (33 doors) and five locations internationally, delivering significant menu presence for Bacardi drinks and increased pouring rights for Bacardi products.  „We have an amazing opportunity through this partnership with Bacardi and its iconic brands to wake up the world to how easy it is to create quality drinks — classic or new,“ says Jamie Oliver. „We want to inspire everyone with the passion to be more adventurous in their own homes, to realize that we can all be ‚home mixologists‘ and to have fun with ingredients and flavors.“

Gibson adds, „The partnership with the Jamie Oliver Group will bring this mission to life by providing a series of multiple touch points for consumers, whether that is through social media, Jamie Magazine or sitting at the bar in one of his restaurants. Jamie’s practical and no-nonsense approach to food, combined with the cocktail expertise of the top Bacardi brand mixologists featured in the app will help to inspire people to have a go at home and try out new and exciting cocktails. Or, to simply learn how to perfect the skills needed for the classics.“

Hand-in-hand with Jamie Oliver, Bacardi launches its website and iOS app* bringing more than 150 years of spirits expertise and quality craftsmanship to consumers around the world.With more than 400 recipes, simple-to-follow instructions and inspiring how-to guides, the at-home bartender can become an expert mixologist in no time. Users have the ability to filter their searches, save their favorite drinks and store photos of their own mixes in the My Bar feature. And for those consumers who choose to register their information, they can unlock extra features, share their drink recipe with friends and earn badges for every milestone they reach. The badges, such as ‚Whisky Whiz‘ and ‚Magnificent Mojito,‘ add an element of fun and a sense of achievement for the home cocktail maker.Mixed Cocktails will be updated on a regular basis with recipes culled from content generated through theDrinksTube partnership. An Android version of the app will launch later this year.