Applicants must submit a current copy of their Disabled Person Permit (to hunt from a vehicle) issued by the Game Commission. Also, this agency again will hold a special youth-only waterfowl hunting day at the controlled hunting blinds at both Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area and Pymatuning Wildlife Management Area.Canada Goose 1 day sale The youth day for Middle Creek will be Nov. 18, and for Pymatuning it will be Nov. 25. A special drawing of applications submitted by junior license holders will be held immediately before the regular drawing for goose blinds. Interested youth should use the same application on page 29 of the 2006-07 Digest.

Only one application will be accepted per junior hunter. Successful applicants will be mailed a hunting reservation entitling them to be accompanied by up to three guests. On hunting days, hunters also may apply, in person, for a chance at any blinds unclaimed by a reservation holder. Canada Goose 1 day sale WEAR A LIFE JACKET IF HUNTING FROM A BOAT Duck hunters hunting from a boat in Pennsylvania are urged to wear a properly fitted personal flotation device (PFD) while on the water, counseled John Dunn, Pennsylvania Game Commission waterfowl biologist. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, every year several hunters die from drowning and hypothermia.

Many waterfowlers do not consider themselves boaters, Dunn said, so they often look past the preventive measures. „Many hunters have a mindset that life jackets are uncomfortable and too bulky, therefore they get in the way,“ Dunn said. „But today’s life jackets are comfortable. In fact,Canada Goose 1 day sale the Coast Guard-approved manual inflatable life jackets offer great freedom of movement. Float coats are another good alternative. Available in hunting colors and patterns, they double as both outerwear and a flotation device.“ Trouble often can start before the boat even leaves the shore, Dunn mentioned, because the watercraft’s weight capacity is exceeded.