Alberta, the fourth-most populated of Canada’s 13 provinces, experienced serious issues before the fires. Falling oil prices drove layoffs — crude prices are about half of what they were less than two years ago, according to Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers statistics.The Royal Bank of Canada donated $2 million to support families and communities affected by the wildfires and the recent economic downturn in Alberta. The bank also offered „special financial considerations and assistance,“ including deferrals on loan payments, to those affected by the blazes.Cool temperatures and rain helped slow the fire’s advance in recent days.“We think we got this thing beat,“ Fort McMurray Fire Chief Darby Allen said. „We’re still worried about our communities in the south a little bit, but we’ll get it. … Be patient.“

Notley said about 85% of the town’s structures survived the blaze. Suncor CEO Steve Williams said no layoffs are planned, and his workers should not see interruptions in pay.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will visit Fort McMurray on Friday. Earlier this week, he thanked firefighters and first responders for the „extraordinary work through these terrible blazes“ and Canadians for donating to the cause of the evacuees.The Alberta Energy Regulator, which oversees oil production for the province, created a team to assist in an environmentally responsible resumption of operations. „We will be making sure that there are no shortcuts,“ said agency spokesman Ryan Bartlett.Doucet said residents are hurt by the destruction in their town, but are anxious to get back to their lives. He added that cleanup and reconstruction will provide additional jobs in the region.“There is an unbelievable sense of optimism,“ he said. „People are sticking together. They are helping each other out. It’s very encouraging to see.“

The story opens with Gail’s flight to Australia to follow her estranged husband and his new love, Sandy. She remembers when they were first together in Walley, Canada. Will admired her then, and Gail was impressed with the relationship and life style Will and his mother, Cleata, shared. There were times when Gail and Will’s relationship wasn’t so great. They had their ups and downs. Things seemed to be getting better and then Will left with Sandra, an Australian exchange student studying drama at the school where Will taught. Gail happened on Will’s address, decided to sell her dress store, and bought a ticket for Down Under. She disguised her appearance and raided his mailbox for some clue about his life. It turned out he had written to a Ms. Thornaby (same last name as him) in order to maybe meet some relative. His wife didn’t have time for him with her busy acting career. Ms. Thornaby had died so the letter was returned. Gail intercepted it, rented the late woman’s flat, and started writing to Will under that name. Will learned that Ms. Thornaby had died and figured out that Gail was writing the letters. Gail decided to leave Australia, planning to send Will a note saying it was up to him to follow her. Subplot about the death of an old man who lived at the hotel with his lover, a red-headed young man.