Inside this area, bag limits are eight daily and 16 in possession. „Working with the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, we are providing hunters with the opportunity to take Canada geese within this portion of the park to address problems being caused by the resident goose population,“ Dunn said. Dunn also noted that the controlled hunting areas at the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in Lebanon-Lancaster counties have been modified to address the decline in the resident Canada goose flock.

In the area of Lancaster and Lebanon counties north of the Pennsylvania Turnpike I-76, east of SR 501 to SR 419, south of SR 419 to Lebanon-Berks county line, west of Lebanon-Berks county line and Lancaster-Berks county line to SR 1053 (also known as Peartown Road and Greenville Road), west of SR 1053 to Pennsylvania Turnpike I-76, the daily bag limit is one goose, possession limit two geese; except on State Game Land 46 (Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area) where the season is closed. Excluding the two areas identified, the early season in the remainder of the state retains a daily bag limit of eight and possession limit of 16. „For the fifth year, there will not be a September goose hunting season anywhere on State Game Land 46,“ Dunn said.

„The goose harvest and hunter success rates have declined by roughly 50 percent over the past 11 years in the controlled goose hunting area of Middle Creek. To give the local resident Canada goose population a chance to increase to provide improved hunting opportunities at Middle Creek, we again are closing the September season for this year.“ Also, for the regular goose seasons (Nov. 15-24, and Dec. 13-Jan. 23), the bag limits for Canada geese on all of State Game Land 46 will remain at one daily and two in possession. „Although most species of waterfowl are above their long-term population averages, we continue to be very concerned about the status of greater and lesser scaup,“ Dunn said.